The exhibition also highlights the work of contemporary artists employing reusable processes and exploring the iconic and physical characteristics of plastic as a medium.


Dan Price

Assistant Professor of Sculpture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, has taught at the University of Michigan; holds a B.F.A. from Colorado College; and an M.F.A. with honors from RISD. “Tape Bags” recreates entirely with common tape exact replica of ordinary shopping bags to reveal the manipulation of consumption patterns with these overproduced convenience items.


Dan Steinhilber

Dan Steinhilber works out of Washington, DC, has had solo exhibition at such museums as The Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, The Contemporary Art Museum in Houston and The Baltimore Museum of Art. His three untitled pieces utilize plastic bags in his sculptural response to contemporary overconsumption.


Julian Gilbert

A native of New York City and graduate from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, aims his photojournalists vision at people, places, things and events within and outside of NYC. He often focuses his attention on the eccentric nature of leaving beings and inanimate objects that inhabit the city itself.


Sarah Hollis Perry

Teaches at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and has a B.A. in Art History from Smith College, often employs skills associated with women’s work such as weaving, knitting and sewing. This armchair, upholstered with New York Times delivery bags, provokes consideration of the annoying problem of overabundant bags.


Virginia Fleck

Virginia Fleck lives and works in Austin, Texas; she studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her numerous grants and residencies include one for an exhibition in Havana. These intricate, large ebullient mandalas are crafted from thousands of pieces of plastic bags imprinted with familiar logos and slogans: and explosion of consumerist excess, humorous and unnerving.


Miggs Burroughs

Full time graphic artist Miggs Burroughs, has designed logos, ads, brochures and websites, and has produced award-winning poster for Save The Children, The American Red Cross and Baskin-Robbins. He has designed several TIME magazine covers, a U.S. Postage Stamp, an Easter egg for the White House, and the Westport, CT Town Flag.


Virginia Fitzgerald

Virginia Fitzgerald is a mixed media artist who works in sculpture, installation, fiber arts, painting, photography and collage. She was born in Chicago, IL where she was introduced to the colors and freedom of the impressionists at the art institute of Chicago at an early age. She received her BFA from Kenyon College, where she concentrated in printmaking and soft sculpture/fiber arts. Currently she is working on ‘the dress project,’ which engages the audience in current issues being debated today. 


Daniel Lanzilotta

His environmental work is based on artistic expression using plastic ocean debris. He has collected debris from the Bronx River, Orchard Beach and other Bronx environments. He collects debris all along Coastal Connecticut's Long Island Sound. Daniel uses his art to engage his viewers to ponder their consumer habits contributing to plastic debris affecting our shared environments. Daniel's artistic mission is to bring greater significance to the seemingly insignificant. Daniel calls himself a "plastician”. Daniel works with plastic waste, detritus, rubbish, fragments of litter, trash, flotsam and jetsom. He works predominantly with plastic ocean debris.