This art exhibit is a project that traces the beginning of the movement to ban plastic bags and presents the growth of creative alternative to plastic. Featuring  a selection of colorful reusable bags made from billboards, juice boxes, rice bags and discarded plastic. The exhibition aims to introduce grass roots recycling movements sprouting up in small resourceful communities in the Philippines, Cambodia, India, and Africa, among others. The exhibition also highlights the work of contemporary artists employing reusable processes and exploring the iconic and physical characteristics of plastic as a medium.

The modern global community is buzzing about environmental issues and the search for greener lifestyle. Thirty-three countries around the world, as well as a handful of United States cities, have already banned plastic bags due to the associated concerns of the affect of litter and the hazard to our wildlife and waters. The movement to ban plastic bags is a story of the power of the sustainable future, which this art exhibit represents. For all this reasons, in hope that you will consider hosting it in your venue.

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