Many designers from around the world have realized the importance of using reusable bags and replacing the use of single use plastic bags and replacing single use plastic bags. The In the Bag art show highlights several of these designers. 



Anya Hindmarch

In 2007, premium handbag designer Anya Hindmarch teamed up with social change group We Are What We Do to create limited edition reusable totes. The bag has an affordable price tag, five pounds, and a simple statement, I’m not a Plastic Bag, Taking the streets by storm, the bags soon were sold out in stores and up for sale on eBay. Hindmarch's distinct bag became the most visible symbol of environmental change and a coveted fashion accessory. The bag is crafted from humble materials, unbleached cotton and rope for handles. Hindmarch's initiative to persuade fashion makers to carry their groceries, gym gear, and beach essentials in a earth-friendly carry-all was a large success, paving the way for other high-priced designers to join the plastic-free movement.



Blue Q

Blue Q collaborates with a state-of-the-art factory exploring innovative techniques. The factory grinds up used polypropylene grain sacks, melts them down, and weaves a new, miracle material that is 95% post-consumer waste. This is then laminated with a thin substrate of printed graphics, cut, and sewn into over 75 designs of bags in various shapes and sizes. The shoppers simultaneously take tons out of the waste stream, and offer a stylish alternative to throw-away shopping bags. Blue Q donates 1% of the sale of all bags to The Nature Conservancy, which has protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide. Blue Q shoppers: Art, ecology and utility in one handy package.




GG2G was started in 2004 by friends Dayna & Alison who wanted to create accessories that were in keeping with re-use & recycle philosophy. With backgrounds in art and design, the founders wanted to transform green fashion into something vibrant and hip. Beginning with cast off interior design sample books as their material, the partners were soon faced with a fabric shortage. While driving down I-95 in Connecticut and lamenting their problem they spotted a highway billboard flapping in the wind. Dayan and Alison knew they could employ these discarded materials and help lessen the load hitting landfills. Four years later and over 10,000 pounds of billboard vinyl rescued, GG2G’s ReVinylized line now offers 18 styles of totes and handbags and a housewares line, ReDecorate. All GG2G items are made from recycled materials such as highway billboard (obtained locally), bicycle inner tube, recycled glass bottles, P.E.T and other sustainable fabrics.




At RebagzTM Eco-Chic Handbags, we don’t think you need to shout and scream to change the world we'd rather rock it with style instead. All our bags are made using colorful recycled materials, and were as human-friendly as we are eco-friendly because all of our bags are made under fair labor conditions in the Philippines. Rebagz were voted favorite eco-friendly tote by InStyles readers and have also been featured on hit shows like Entourage and Ugly Betty. Our company was also named 2009 California Small Business of the Year.



FIT students were given a challenge to create clothing out of the Whole Foods, FEED, reusable shopping bags as part of annual Fashion Week festivities. Each student was given 4-8 bags, to be used as their only textiles for the project. What they created were beautiful, unique, investive, pieces of pro sustainability garments.